Charging Retention Bracket, SSCOR VX-2 B and BV,


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A charging/retention bracket for S-SCORT® VX-2 B and BV model.

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Bracket Only

By: SSCOR  |  MPN: 8310

Common Additions:

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Suction Unit, SSCOR VX-2, - Flatback

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Suction Unit, SSCOR VX-2, - W/Charging Retention Bracket

By: SSCOR  |  MPN: 2310BV


– The charging/retention bracket secures the unit to a force of 10G.
– When the device is on the charging/retention bracket the device runs using the vehicle battery and uses the vehicle battery to charge the internal sealed lead acid battery.
– The device can be removed from the charging /retention bracket with one hand.
– For S-SCORT® VX-2 B and BV model