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When it comes to standardizing blood pressure cuffs, Welch Allyn FlexiPort blood pressure cuffs can help hospitals improve financial outcomes and enhance patient safety with options that help streamline workflow and inventory management, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The secret to true cuff standardization is the single-point FlexiPort connection, a practical innovation that enables virtually any device to work with Welch Allyn FlexiPort blood pressure cuffs—without the hassle of traditional cuff tubes and connectors. FlexiPort disposable cuffs are available in every size, and with many traditional connector options.

SKU #: 04-3344092MQ

Size 9, Child

By: Welch Allyn  |  MPN: SOFT-09-2MQ
case of 20 eaches
SKU #: 04-3344102MQ

Size 10, Small Adult

By: Welch Allyn  |  MPN: SOFT-10-2MQ
case of 0 eaches
SKU #: 04-3344112MQ

Size 11, Adult

By: Welch Allyn  |  MPN: SOFT-11-2MQ
case of 20 eaches
SKU #: 04-3344122MQ

Size 12, Large Adult

By: Welch Allyn  |  MPN: SOFT-12-2MQ
case of 20 eaches
SKU #: 04-3344132MQ

Size 13, Thigh

By: Welch Allyn  |  MPN: SOFT-13-2MQ


• FlexiPort technology enables every cuff to be used as one- or two-tube
• Every cuff size, from small infant through thigh cuffs
• Choose from either soft or vinyl fabric to fit anyone’s preference
• Color-coded for fast, accurate selection of the correct cuff size
• Rotatable port, improves patient comfort and cuff durability
• Meets all the latest clinical guidelines for proper fit from AAMI and AHA
• Durable enough for extended patient stays
• Affordable for single-patient-use to help reduce cross contamination risks

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