Gen-T Ambulance GT-151 – Type I Ambulance

Ambulance Type
Type I
Wheel Base
Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
Module Length
Module Width
Module Headroom

Available on these Chassis: Ford E Series, Ford F Series, Ram 4500/5500 & GM C/K Series.

Type I style ambulances differ from Type II, Type III and Medium Duty ambulance styles in that the patient compartment is mounted on a pickup truck-style body frame with a small viewport between the cab and truck. In other styles, however, you're likely to find a more connected frame between the driver and the passenger compartment. Type I ambulances are typically designed to be a more cost-effective solution for EMT and first responders.

Perfect for emergency medical services for those on a tighter budget, the Gen T GT-151 offers a sizable usable payload for first responders. The modular body built atop the truck chassis is designed with premium construction material to ensure a safe ride for passengers.

Not only that, but the GT-151 provides optional features for you to customize your ambulance for your agency's needs. Outfit your ambulance's electrical/lighting with a VMUX Electrical System, LED Emergency Scene Lights, Refrigerators, IV Warming Trays and more. Additional options include customizable exterior and interior components such as Curbside ALS Configurations, Six Point Seatbelt, upgraded upholstery and more.

The Gen-T GT-151 emergency vehicle is available on these ambulance chassis manufacturers: Ford E Series (e.g. Ford E-350, Ford E-450), Ford F Series (e.g. Ford F-350, Ford F-450), Dodge Ram 4500/5500 & GM Chevrolet C/K Series.

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The Gen-T GT-151 is a smaller version of the GT-171 flagship, the GT-151 has a 72” headroom, is 96” wide and 151” long. The GT-151 is designed for optimal storage in a smaller package and is the perfect fit for any agency looking for a well-designed ambulance with premium standards on a tighter budget.