Gen-T Ambulance DB-147 – Type III Ambulance

Ambulance Type
Type III
Wheel Base
Overall Length
Overall Height
Module Length
Module Width
Module Headroom

Available on these Chassis: Ford E Series & GM G Series

Type III ambulances are different from their counterparts (Type I, Type II and Medium Duty ambulances). While other types utilize a pickup truck-style chassis, these Gen-T models are built on a van cutaway chassis. The spacious entryway between the cab and the patient compartment is an integral part of the ambulance. With this entryway between the cab and modular construction, the EMT crew can easily transfer items between each section without issue.

The Gen-T DB-147 comes with several other premium features that come as standard to the ambulance chassis. This includes aluminum cabinetry, ducted HVAC, LED warning lights and more. Along with these, there are optional features that you can customize your van chassis with, including a six point seat belt, upgraded upholstery, lighting and electrical system and additional brackets and mounts for medical equipment.

Available on these Chassis: Ford E Series (e.g. Ford E-450) & GM Chevy G Series (e.g. Chevy G3500).

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The Gen-T DB-147 is a Type III version that has a 72” headroom, 90” wide, and is 147” long. Designed to be the perfect vehicle for first responders on a restricted budget, but still keeping the same premium Gen-T features as other emergency vehicle models.