Braun Total Life Care (TLC) Ambulance

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Braun TLC Ambulance for Critical Care Transport

Following triage, it’s important to have the best patient transport vehicles available in an emergency. With critical care transport becoming the forefront of emergency healthcare, it is essential to have safe travel and assist the patient until arriving at the medical center. With the right emergency vehicle, there’s no reason to worry whether or not the right medical supplies or safety features are in place in order to help the patient.

Features and Benefits of the Braun TLC Ambulance Model

To improve comfort, Braun TLC emergency vehicles include the following:

  • Increased headroom
  • Five seated positions for crew (with 4-point safety belts)
  • Patient camera
  • Dual vista screens (streetside and curbside)
  • FRC intercom system
  • Flip-down entertainment system for the patient

Patient wellness is a priority at all times. The patient camera in the TLC model allows for both the driver and cab crew to maintain visibility of the patient at all times. This visibility allows the crew to always maintain a view of the patient in case any kind of medical service becomes necessary.

But the TLC ambulance model isn’t just set up for comfort. It also helps to provide the best healthcare during patient transport.

To guarantee safety, Braun TLC is equipped with:

  • Latest safety standards
  • Enhanced staff communication and Increased visibility for patient care
  • Both medical and regular oxygen areas for various equipment
  • Two SSCOR suctions
  • OTE medical supply cabinet

Braun TLC ambulances provide the best patient transport for all, including pediatric, neonatal, critical care transport, critically ill or injured adults, and any other healthcare needs.

TLC transport ambulances also include full customization capabilities and varying design configurations. The TLC combines the best features and design configurations across 30 CCT transport units.

These comfortable and safe ambulance models allow crew members to focus on providing the best patient care during critical care transport. Afterall, proper healthcare is the number one goal until arrival at the medical center. If medical services are needed during transport, the crew can assist and know that they are in a safe emergency vehicle.

Total Life Care’s focus is proven with its design configurations. The 191” module length and 100” module width (an overall width of 98”) allow for dual patient transport capabilities with both a regular and transverse cot mount interior. A Stadco GP7 Generator and 1800 W Vanner Inverter gives these transport ambulances the power to last through the longest of journeys.

Braun customers can expect the expert level of innovation that the company is known for:

  • SolidBody™ construction
  • All aluminum welded cabinetry
  • Rounded corners
  • And more!

In an emergency, you need the best patient transport vehicles. Trust in the Braun Total Life Care TLC ambulance and count on a safe, comfortable transport so you can focus on patient care.

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The Braun TLC ambulance was designed specifically with critical care transport in mind. TLC stands for Total Life Care and it shows. Braun’s TLC ambulances ensure the best patient transport for both the patient and crew.

Special Features

Two Cot Fasteners

Patient Camera in Module

Flip-down Entertainment DVD System

OTE Medical Cabinet

Stadco GP7 Generator