Specialty Ambulances

For organizations that require a unique emergency vehicle for specific situations, Penn Care offers several specialty ambulances.

The Braun Patriot is a versatile fire/rescue/transport apparatus built into a single emergency vehicle. The Patriot has rescue compartments for equipment and can carry up to 200 gallons of water. This emergency vehicle also has a Compressed Air Foam System to hold and dispense up to 15 gallons of foam, as well as two 1-inch booster reels on each side of the module.

New to Penn Care, the Braun Freedom is the result of innovation driven by user feedback from the fire-EMS community. The Freedom is designed to offer superior outside storage space both in the cab and in the module body for fire and rescue equipment. Built on the popular Spartan Metro Star chassis, this unit should offer an extended vehicle life of up to five years versus a traditional ambulance.

Also included in this section are Mobile Intensive Care Units, Combination fire-EMS units, Pediatric Intensive Care Units and 4×4 Units. At Penn Care, we have the ability to customize an ambulance to suit your organization’s individual needs. This section provides a basic overview of the various types of specialty ambulances that we can provide. It also includes several photo galleries showcasing the different custom features that can be incorporated into your emergency vehicle. Call us at 1-877-287-9715 for more information.

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