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EMS Software Solution: eCore

Penn Care understands that in the business of first response scheduling, ease of navigation and system reliability are essential to getting the job done. ePro Scheduler is the reliable, industry proven workhorse of eCore Software and provides your organization with the highest level of user friendliness and peace of mind for all your scheduling needs. ePro Scheduler combines schedule management, time & attendance payroll control, document management, certification tracking, messaging, and more into one accessible web-based tool. eCore Software’s singular focus is to save you time & money via overtime control, schedule and payroll accuracy, clear and fast communication, and ease of use, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of the job at hand.  It is ideal for public service organizations like EMS, fire, law enforcement, 911/dispatch, hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies.

Increased Productivity.  Easy Navigation.  Reliable Performance.  Customizable.

ePro Scheduler is available in Express or Advanced editions based on your specific needs.

Product: ePro Scheduler Express

Express includes…
  • Automated employee scheduling
  • Overtime management tools
  • Dynamic and responsive dashboards
  • Time-off and shift-trade request management
  • Open shift broadcasting with Direct Response
  • Employee profile management
  • Certification tracking with automated alerts
  • Business calendar management
  • Unlimited online document storage
  • Messaging with forced acknowledgment

Product: ePro Scheduler Advanced

Advanced includes all of the Express features PLUS…
  • IP restricted time clocks
  • Timecard management
  • Payroll export to third-party payroll apps
  • Time-off bank accruals/deductions
  • Holiday pay management
  • Differential pay automation
  • Optional biometric time clocks

ePro Plus Tools

ePro Scheduler Plus is an industry leader in crew scheduling, timekeeping, certification tracking, document management, and more. Along with these industry-proven features, several optional add-ons are available in ePro Scheduler Plus from incident reporting, to fleet maintenance, continuing education and biometric timekeeping. See below for a brief look at the optional ePro Plus Tools.

More Information on Tracker

Create an unlimited number of online report forms and set customized permission groups to regulate access. Track submitted reports, assign managers, add notes & upload files, receive email notifications with reminders and dynamically report on all data.  See more.



More Information on Fleet

Create extensive vehicle profiles for your entire fleet. Manage online problem reports, generate work tickets, build preventive maintenance schedules, track maintenance & fuel costs, and stay ahead of expiring documents via email notifications.  See more.


More Information on ConEd

Create online classes, upload media, and generate customized certificates of completion. Manage classroom courses, attendance, and upload new certifications. Set email alerts for employees as certifications come close to expiration.  See more.


More Information on BioClock

Create a system to track employees’ time with the biometric ePro BioClock fingerprint scanning technology timeclocks. Capture feedback from crews as they clock in and out early or late, track tardies and absences, and keep uncertified employees out of the field.  See more.


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